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Loan & Investment
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Loan & Investment
  ICA Enterprise Investment Center LLC
Arrange Chinese enterprises to develop
business and trade in U.S.A.
Investment services  
Chinese Investors to start a business in the United States
  • Organize and arrange Chinese enterprises to engage in business exhibitions and business connections in U.S.A.
    (high level or economical types).
  • Assist Chinese enterprise investors in the followings: management of U.S. real properties, shopping centers, business buildings and other businesses/properties; handling visa applications for business visit and business immigration, as well as, registering foreign corporations.
  • Assist Chinese enterprises in handling applications to import medicines and food products into U.S.A.
  • Assist Chinese enterprises in starting businesses and registering companies, as well as registering trademarks.
  • Come to U.S.A. to buying businesses (for business development and immigration
  • Assist U.S. enterprises and individuals to China in bidding real properties for bid
  • Area: Buena Vista Park

Chinese enterprises to connect foreign businesses and investment

  • Introduce U.S. enterprises to invest in China
  • Invest in real properties

Handling Chinese, American, International economical cases


Assist in Sino-American cultural and technological connections


Assist Chinese enterprise to recruit American professionals to work for China Development


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